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There is a War Going on in Cyberspace!!

The spammer, scumware, phishing slime, and now international criminal elements have joined forces with internet terrorists and crackers and are waging cyber war on you, and on public service web sites that provide lists of these slime spammers, phishers, scumware, and the ISPs that tolerate them.  A number of them have had to shut down because of the DOS attacks against them.  Expect the spam, scumware, phishing and spyware to get even worse!  Make sure your PC is not participating in this terrorism - go here to check it out.

Now it seems the Russian mafia is a big time phisher.  Don't ever, ever REPLY to an email/popup request to change/validate any passwords or private info, even from what appears to be your trusted sites!!!   And you better write protect your hosts file!  Wanna see just how bad this stuff is?

And what is the result of a lot of this?? get this!  The spammer slime ARE using YOUR PC to spread the spam/scum.  This story continues to expand as we get into spring 2006.   Please, Please, Please do not let them use your PC!!  You must Cleanup your PC and practice safe computing. 

Update May 2006:  Go here and immediately install the Microsoft "windows defender" product.  Go here and download the free rootkit detection utility. Rootkits may be the story for 2006.... SPAM continues to accelerate in 2007.

It will be years before the "good guys" find effective ways to combat the spam, but they are making progress.

And the scumware writers seem to be winning the war against keeping your PC free of their junk.  If you frequent questionable sites, download with abandon, open questionable emails, you WILL become infected! There are no safe computing practices which will protect you.  Sorry to have to give you the bad news.  Even the good guys are giving up. Even Microsoft says it looks impossible.....   :-(  Some security types are real despondent about how botnets have taken over, thanks to all the lax Microsoft problems...

This is absolutely crazy!  Now there are even FAKE spyware removal purveyors!!  Stick with Ad-aware, or Spybot or the new Microsoft antispyware remover!  An esteemed netizen, Eric Howes,  now has a site dedicated to keeping up with the fake spyware removers.  Thank God for all the good people in the world...   Is the gov finally starting to take this stuff seriously?

BIGGEST CATCH22 in YEARS:  Don't you DARE put that new PC on the Internet without first turning on ICF!!!  OR if you are re imaging a disk and reinstalling your OS - any OS except WinXP, you MUST go to the store and buy a firewall and antivirus before you put that PC back on the Internet, even to do Windowsupdate!  If you are bringing up an XP SP2, make sure you agree to turn the firewall, and Windows update on! Jan 2007: Thank GOD, most PCs purchased these days are XP2 and beyond, have the firewall on. 

IS THERE HOPE?  MAYBE - Microsoft has released SP2, which contains a lot of security additions.  Impressions.

Microsoft is STILL hopeless.  Here is a HUGE bug in the actual TCP/IP stack.  Fixed 1-8-08.  Make sure you are updated!!

Wireless Networks are everywhere.... And security precautions have been thrown to the winds!  Help is on the way. See the two sections below, especially the addition January 2007!

One of the slickest new products is "Hamachi," which allows you to create a virtual private network of almost any set of PCs, in any locations.  Impressions here.


FLASH - Here is the proper way to secure your wireless access

NEW January 2007

1. Right click on wireless NIC in Network Connection Window (or right click on NIC icon in tray)
2. Left click properties
Make sure “show icon in notification area when connected” is checked
3. Click on “wireless networks” tab at top.
4. Remove any networks listed in “Preferred Networks” Listing.
5. Click on Advanced tab at top.
6. Uncheck the ICS setting
7. Click OK at bottom
8. Reopen wireless NIC and properties as in 1 and 2 above
9. Open “Wireless Networks” tab
10. click on “view available wireless networks”
11. connect to wireless network desired

Once you connect to a wireless network, windows puts it in the “Preferred Networks”
Listing to automatically connect!!??

You have to go back in and “change order of preference”
Click on wireless networks tab
Find the network now listed (with automatic next to it)
Click on properties, click on connection, and deselect “automatic connection”
Click OK
Click OK
The word “on demand” will now appear in the list on this network.

There must be a global setting to disable the automatic connection to a network. PLEASE HELP!
There must be a way to NOT cache the key which logs in as well. PLEASE HELP!
Update Mar 2007: Question Answered!  You MUST get the wireless client update.  Microsoft does NOT push it as a critical update!  Another example of Microsoft allowing convenience to trump security!


FLASH - Here is a SAFER way to add wireless capability to your home network

Keep your existing wired NAT/router.  Add a second wireless capable router - not a wireless access point (AP) as a CPE on your LAN.  Connect the WAN port of the wireless router to your LAN - set it for DHCP.  Make sure the LAN network of your wireless network is different than your wired network.  In this way, the wireless access appears on a separate network from your wired network, limiting the ability of wireless clients to see into your wired network.  The wireless clients will still be able to perform normal browsing/email through the double NATing.  More info here.

Steve Gibson has a very similar approach suggested, but he actually reverses the wireless and wired NAT/routers.  Check it out! Discussion and Notes on how to do it..

If you are just starting out in wireless networks, be sure to consider upgrading to WPA, or now WPA2!, which is available with most vendor 802.11g products.

The wifi alliance has now insisted that all new products desiring certification from them must now meet WPA2 capabilities.  Yeah!  But this doesn't mean it comes up as default!!  Boo..


If you are silly enough to think I know absolutely everything there is to know about these topics, then you are very naive.  You need to take everything I say here with a grain, nay a mouthful, of salt.  These tidbits of knowledge are presented with some humor.  Be forewarned!  OTOH, I ....may.... know more than you about this stuff.  You never know until you Check it Out!. 

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